1. Object

The Limited Liability Company Alex Simone, with a capital of fifteen thousand euros (15,000), whose registered office is located at 1 rue Ténao, Le Roc fleuri, 98000 MONACO, (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizing Company" or "Alex Simone" ), entered in the trade and companies register of Monaco under the reference number 15S06676, represented by Mr Eric ROUSSEAU in his capacity as General Manager, is organizing a free to enter contest with no obligation to purchase (hereinafter the "Contest"), From 14/12/2018 to 17/12/2018 17h00 via the Alex Simone Parfums Instagram platform at and broadcast on the network social Instagram.  


2. Entering the Contest

This Contest is open to any individual whether an adult or a minor with parental consent, residing in France and in the world, (hereinafter the "Entrant"), other than employees of the structures organizing the Contest and any individuals directly or indirectly involved in organizing or running it, as well as these parties’ spouses and family members, whether ascendants or descendants.

When the winners are being designated, the Organizing Company reserves the right to ask any Entrant to prove that he or she meets these conditions. Any individual who does not meet these conditions or who refuses to prove this shall be disqualified from the Contest and may not, even as a winner, receive the prize. Likewise, any misleading declarations or statements of identity or address shall give rise to the immediate disqualification of the Entrant.

Any individuals wishing to enter the Contest must already have an Instagram account (social network sharing photographs) and be a follower of the Organizing Company’s Instagram account Alex Simone. Entry to the Contest is accessible via :

By entering the Contest, Entrants are indicating their full acceptance of the present regulations.


3. Procedure for Entry

The Organizing Company will post an image on its Instagram page on Monday, December 14, 2018 under which the launch of the Contest will be announced.

To participate in the Contest, it is necessary to:

1 / To Follow and be a subscriber to the account @alexsimoneparfum on Instagram

2 / "Like" the image of the contest and mention in comment 1 friend with the hashtag #frommontecarlowithlove

For this Contest, a winner will be drawn by the Organizing Company from among all the Entrants. The person who has been mentioned by this winner will also be eligible to receive a prize.

Entry into the Contest may only take place via the Instagram platform. In view of this, any entries submitted by telephone, fax, post or email shall be ignored. Entering the Contest indicates full and absolute acceptance of all provisions of the present regulations, of the rules of conduct generally applied on the Internet, and of the laws and rules applicable to free to enter Contest.

Any entries that are incomplete or inaccurate, or do not comply with the above terms and conditions (in particular through a failure to include the hashtags #frommontecarlowithlove) shall not be considered and so shall invalidate the entry.


 4. Prizes

The prizes for this contest will be the following:  

- For the overall winner: a 100ml Eau de Parfum “En Terrasse” from the French Riviera collection 

- For the person mentioned by the winner: a 50ml Eau de Parfum “En Terrasse” from the French Riviera collection

The Entrants undertake that, should they win, they shall accept the prize offered them, without the possibility of exchanging these items in particular against cash payment or other products or services of any kind.

The Organizing Company reserves the right to replace any prize with another prize of equivalent value and characteristics, whatever the reason for this replacement, without incurring liability in this regard.


5. Awarding of Prizes

The winners shall be contacted by the Organizing Company, within 3 days of the closing date of the round of the Contest, by direct (private) Instagram message, and asked to provide their full personal details (surname, forename, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth) as required in order to award the prize.

Prizes shall be sent within within two days from the date of receipt of the full details of the winners. The prize will be dispatched by tracking parcel with signature. The routing is not carried out by the Organizing Company. Alex Simone declines any responsibility as for the delivery of the prizes and their state on reception. 

In the event that a winner fails to get in touch within 7 days of the results being announced, he or she shall be deemed to have renounced the prize and another winner shall be designated for the prize concerned.

The winner must comply with the provisions of the regulations. Should it transpire that the winner does not meet the criteria laid down in the present regulations, he or she shall not be awarded the prize.

No objections or claims of any kind may be made with regard to the prize. The winner undertakes to refrain from attempting to hold the Organizing Company liable in any way as regards the prize.

Each prize must be accepted in the condition in which it is announced. No changes of any kind may be sought by the winner, for any reason. No financial consideration, ‘quid pro quo’ or equivalent payment may be sought as total or partial replacement for the prizes.

It is stipulated that the Organizing Company shall not provide any services or guarantees, with the winnings consisting exclusively of the prizes presented as indicated above.


6. Limit of liability

Entering the Contest indicates unqualified acceptance of all provisions of the present terms and consitions in their entirety, of the rules of conduct generally applied on the Internet, and of the laws, rules and other texts applicable in the Principality of Monaco

Entering the Contest implies familiarity with, and acceptance of, the characteristics and limits of the Internet, in particular as regards technical performance, response times for consulting, examining or transferring information, risks of interruption and, in more general terms, the risks inherent in any connection to, and transmission via, the Internet, the lack of protection for certain data against any breaches and risks of contamination by any Internet viruses.

The Organizing Company may not be held liable in the event of the malfunctioning of the Internet, or the Instagram application, preventing access to, or satisfactory running of, the Contest. In particular, the Organizing Company may not be held liable for any external malicious actsAlex Simone does not control the risks related to the functioning of the Internet and draws your attention to the existence of possible risks in terms of punctual data losses or breach of confidentiality of the data transiting via this network.

More generally Alex Simone cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, whatever the cause, origin, nature and consequence, resulting from the consultation of the Instagram app or the use of the brand website and/or the credit granted to any information derived directly or indirectly from the latter.

While the Organizing Company is doing all it can to provide users with information and / or resources that are available and verified, it may not however be held liable for any errors (in particular as regards displays on the Contest sites, errors in emails), for unavailability of information and / or for the presence of viruses on the site.

It is up to each entrant to take all appropriate steps in order to protect his or her own data and / or software stored on his or her computer and telephone equipment against any attacks. Any individual accessing the site and entering the Contest does so under his or her sole responsibility.

Furthermore, the Organizing Company may not be held liability in the event of :

-          problems with telephone connections,

-          problems with hardware or software,

-          the destruction of information provided by entrants for reasons not attributable to Alex Simone,

-          human errors, or errors caused by electrical factors,

-          disruption that may impact the satisfactory running of the Contest, or malfunctions in the drawing process.


In all cases, if the satisfactory administrative and / or technical running of the Contest is disrupted by a factor outside the control of the Organizing Company, the latter reserves the right to discontinue the Contest. Any instances of fraud or of failure to obey the present terms and conditions may lead to the party responsible being disqualified from the Contest, and the Organizing Company reserves the right, if appropriate, to take legal action against said party.


7. Personal information

In the course of the Contest, the entrants shall provide the Organizing Company, as sole recipient, with personal data concerning them.

The entrants’ personal details shall be used in accordance with applicable regulations. As such, Alex Simone, has notified to the Personal Information Control Commission of Monaco named “ Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives (CCIN) » the collection and processing of your personal data.

The winners expressly authorize the Organizing Company to use for publicity or public relations purposes their personal details (surnames and forenames), via any media, without limitation or qualification, and without said use entitling them to remuneration or benefits of any kind other than the awarding of their respective prizes. 

Alex Simone is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information provided online.

In accordance with Monegasque law n ° 1.165 on the protection of personal information, the Customer has the right to access, change, correct and delete personal information concerning himself by contacting the customer service of Alex Simone by email to


8. Access to, and interpretation of, the regulations - modifications

In the course of the Contest, the entrants shall provide the Organizing Company, as sole recipient, with personal data concerning them.

8.1 Access

The present regulations may be viewed in full on the Organizing Company’s website :

No account shall be taken of verbal inquiries concerning the Contest. Any claims must be set out in writing and sent to the Organizing Company at the address stipulated above, prior to 14/12/2018 12h00. No claims shall be accepted after that date.

8.2 Interpretation of the regulations

Any questions relating to application or interpretation of the regulations, and any unexpected questions that may arise, shall be adjudicated upon definitively by the Organizing Company.

8.3 Modifications

The Organizing Company reserves the right to extent, curtail, modify or cancel the Contest at any time, and in particular in the event of an occurrence of force majeure, without the entrants being entitled to claim any compensation.

Any modifications shall be set out in an amendment posted on the Organizing Company’s website :


9. Applicable Law and dispute

The Contest is organized by Alex Simone Sarl, a company incorporated under Monegasque law.

Any dispute relating to the interpretation, application and enforcement of this Regulation shall be subject to Monegasque law, failing amicable settlement between the Parties.


Last updated:  November 2018.